The Downward Spiral
Wyatt grew up in a troubled home with a rebellious heart. Violence was his example and soon became his practice. Drugs became his refuge and release. He was 15 years old and out of control. When the law had had enough they sent him off to a Drug Rehab center. They took his Satanic Bible and put him to work. It wasn't long before he again got into mischief. He stole some cigarettes from a staff member and was eventually busted.

Wyatt Allen (Age 14) (1997)
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The one who caught Wyatt smoking reported it to administration. Then out of resentment and anger, Wyatt attacked him with a smuggled knife. While his victim recovered in the hospital, he was sent to Juvenile Detention Center to have a hearing and to see if he should stand trial as an adult for Assault with a deadly weapon. During that year, while he waited in that cell, Wyatt was suicidal and full of anger. He was mad at his parents, God (if He existed), and the whole world. Until, that is, something happened.

The Change
Wyatt hated Christians and anything to do with religion. Before he was locked-up he had embraced witchcraft and then later Satanism as his belief system. But after a phone call with his mom, where she urged him to read a Christian Bible, he began to think. He figured he could take that Bible and find all the contradictions and errors it contained and begin to prove everyone wrong.

So he would spend the majority of his 23 hours in lock-down reading the Bible. But what was a journey to prove the Bible wrong, ended in proving him wrong. Wyatt was converted by the power of God's Word and began to learn how to live a whole new way. With his mother's gift of a concordance and his father's gift of a Walkman radio (with lots of Christian radio stations) he studied for months and months, determined to understand the Bible and discover Truth.


Doing Time
Wyatt was certified as an adult and confessed his crime to the court. In mercy, the court only sentenced him to 20 years in prison. Wyatt turned the penitentiary into a seminary. God was with him during his time "inside". Through many miracles, documented in the book The Least of the Least, God protected him and provided him the opportunity to teach Bible Truth to those in need of hope and salvation. One subject of special interest was Bible prophecy. Even with so many confusing teachings and false predictions in this world, he believes that God wants us to understand prophecy and, in fact, that He gave the Book of Revelation as a road-map of survival through these last days.

Wyatt was released early for good behavior and while adjusting to life on the outside received a call to enter full time ministry. He accepted the call and God used him to lead many souls to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. He also met Jenni during this time. She too loved ministry and, through a series of Providences, God demonstrated His leading in their relationship. A year later they were married. Together they went to the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE) and received further, more formal, training in soul-winning. While there he was invited to join the Amazing Facts ministry team and work full time as a public seminar speaker teaching Bible prophecy. Since that time, Wyatt, Jenni, and their daughter, Purity, and now newborn son, Zealous Truth, have traveled the country and the globe leading thousands of precious souls to be ready for the soon coming of Jesus Christ. You, too, are invited to be part of those who "eagerly wait for Him" (Hebrews 9:28).

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Least of the Least book

The Least of the Least
Wyatt's incredible life story has been powerfully captured in his book, The Least of the Least: From Crime to Christ. It is available for $13.99 plus shipping & handling. For you copy, please click the button below.

Amazing Facts Testimony
The world-wide media ministry of Amazing Facts has touched countless lives with the good news of Jesus. Wyatt's life is among those dramatically affected. And now he serves God as a speaker for this very ministry. Watch this short clip of Wyatt's testimony filmed in the New Mexico desert.



"I loved his sincerity and the look on Wyatt's face when he speaks about God's forgiveness!"

Long Lane, MO

"Wyatt, thank you for pointing me to the Bible!! Your lessons have taught me so much! You have cleared up so much doctrinal confusion and have challenged me to draw closer to Jesus. Thank you for coming to Alabama."

Clanton, AL

"I thank the Lord for sending Pastor Wyatt and sister Jenni for such and awesome prophecy seminar. Pastor Wyatt explained all the lessons of prophecy very clearly. This is why my eyes are open to understand. I've always wanted to understand about the end times. I give God all the praise, honor and glory!"

Houston, TX

"I love how Pastor Allen broke down the Bible for us so we could understand it more. I was very blessed to have met him and his family."

Houston, TX

"Wyatt is enthusiastic, personable, and knowledgeable. He has a deep love for the Lord and his family."

Lebanon, MO

"Time seemed to really go fast. Wyatt and the Holy Spirit held our attention completely. Wyatt was easy to listen to and follow in the Bible. Jenni [Wyatt's wife] was gracious always with very loving smile."

Ardmore, OK
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